What do you call Yorkshire sheep farmer who doesn't like Christmas?... A baah-humbug! 

What's Christmas Like In Yorkshire? 

Yorkshire is known for its warm hospitality, which means that at Christmas, so much goes on ! 
For instance, many towns and cities in Yorkshire such as York, Leeds, and Harrogate, host their charming Christmas markets. At these markets, you can find unique handcrafted gifts, local foods, festive decorations, and more. The most famous one is probably the York Christmas Market (read the next section to learn more about it). 
Another great addition to Yorkshire's festivities is the food! Traditional Yorkshire puddings and savoury pies often make their way onto the dinner table at Christmas. These are a beloved part of the festive feast. Don't forget about the famous Yorkshire pudding wrap! For those who don't know, it is a modern twist on the Yorkshire pudding which involves wrapping it around roast meats and vegetables to create a delicious, portable meal. 
Furthermore, at this time, Yorkshire homes are beautifully adorned with Christmas lights, wreaths, and decorations. Most cities also have Christmas lights scattered around, and they usually host a big light turn on event! 
You can even have a go at ice-skating at the York Designer Outlet! 

The York Christmas Market 

Expedition Yorkshire is based in the wonderful city of York, so why not dive into the beautiful York Christmas Market?! 
The York Christmas Market is said to be one of the most popular and picturesque Christmas markets in the United Kingdom. It takes places from late November to late December. 
The market is set up in the heart of York, on Parliament Street and other nearby areas. This central location allows visitors to soak in the festive atmosphere while surrounded by the city's historic landmarks. 
The market features a wide array of stalls selling a diverse range of products. This includes handcrafted gifts, local crafts, artwork, festive decorations, jewelry, clothing, and delicious food and drink. 
Entertainment is a huge part of the York Christmas Market. It has carol singers, live performances, and street artists. This adds to the festive ambiance of York at Christmas. This entertainment also includes some unique attractions such as a giant Christmas tree, festive lights and a traditional Ferris wheel that gives a unique view of the city. 
Finally, the York Christmas Market also often provides activities and attractions specifically designed for children, such as a Santa's Grotto, where little ones can meet Father Christmas! 
The team at Expedition Yorkshire wishes you all Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas! 
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