All tours are to be treated as outlines only, depending on the interests of the group, weather, road closures, etc., changes can be made. I always make sure that any variation is only in the interests of the group having the very best possible time. 
Also note that frequent restroom stops are built into the itinerary. 

York to Edinburgh: The Classic Transfer Tour 

Not just travelling between two brilliant cities in a day--York and Edinburgh--but two amazing countries--England & Scotland. The premise is simple yet compelling, especially with the stunning landscapes and fascinating sites that may be visited along the way. 
The real beauty of this tour is the efficient use it makes of your holiday time 
On first inspection, it may appear quicker to take the train. While the train is a great option for some, by the time you have caught a taxi, hauled your luggage to the correct platform at the station, and done the same again at the other end, you have spent nearly a full day travelling, missing out on historic sites such as Hadrian’s Wall, Bamburgh Castle, the wild Scottish border country or the other wonderful sites and landscapes we travel through along the way. 
A typical tour would include leaving York at 9.00am (collection time can be adjusted) 
Heading up North with a midmorning break in the Yorkshire Dales National Park OR just over the county border in the historied and important English county of Durham. 
We then head into some of the wildest and most starkly beautiful terrain & landscape England has to offer, 
Before arriving at Hadrian’s Wall, OR we may explore the wonderful Northumberland coastline and its tiny coastal villages and mighty castles. 
Then across the border into the second country of the day, 
Scotland, where we will make our way through the vast landscapes of border country OR along the lovely coast and on up through Scotland and towards its timeless capital, Edinburgh. 


The price is fixed to the outing. Groups can be up to 7 people, and the price will stay the same regardless of group size 

Edinburgh to York 

This tour is perfect for those who wish to explore the United Kingdom from North to South rather than South to North. Simply start in Edinburgh, completing all of the York to Edinburgh tour but in the opposite direction. 
‘The Classic Transfer Tour’ is a one-way journey. Therefore, accommodation or onward plans will need to be arranged upon arriving in Edinburgh or York. We do NOT return to the city in which the transfer tour began. 

Custom Tours 

Would you like to do something a bit different? 
Whatever your idea for a journey, we are happy to work with you to design your perfect day out. Give us a ring and we can assist you in turning a general idea into a fantastic plan. If you have no ideas for your tour but want something unique, we can also assist. 
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