EXPEDITION YORKSHIRE Frequently Asked Questions 

EXPEDITION YORKSHIRE Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is your tour a better value than some other tours which appear to cost less? Good observation! This is for a number of reasons that are all to your advantage and will ultimately offer you fantastic value. 

We use a state-of-the-art Mercedes V class vehicle with comfortable seating to deliver our tours. It has a particularly smooth ride, wide seats and large windows, perfect for sightseeing and taking great photos. We offer the safest, most comfortable tour vehicle on the road in Yorkshire, which assists you in having a much more pleasurable day. 
The group is less than half the size of even a typical sixteen seat mini bus tour. This means we can pay attention to you all as individuals; for example, if a guest needs to make an emergency stop for the bathroom, it’s a minor matter and we can accommodate this very easily. This would be much harder onboard a cheaper, lower quality tour with a large group. 
Our guide Andrew is highly experienced, but this does not mean that he’s a ‘know-it-all’! It does mean he knows how to engage and enthuse a group, but also when to relax and let the landscape do the talking. Every day of your holiday is valuable if not sacred – It’s worth investing in the best tour you can afford! 

Why don’t we just get a hire car and do our own thing? 

There are some very experienced drivers for whom this is suitable. However, for many, this quickly proves to be quite the headache. 
For those of you from overseas, as you’re aware, in England and across the UK, we drive on the left and incorporate into our road system a special torture device we call a ‘roundabout’. This is all challenging enough, without also taking into consideration the signs, rules and regulations (and we do love a good regulation here in the UK!) which may differ greatly to those you’re used to at home. And finally, the terrain we cover has many steep and narrow roads which demand highly trained local drivers to be safe. 
Whether you’re from the UK or further afield, why would you want to put yourself through all that? You’re on holiday! Sit back, relax, take photos, pat a sheep, and enjoy a tour with Expedition Yorkshire! 

I really want to come but my health is not top notch and I wouldn’t want to hold back the group. Are you able to accommodate my needs while ensuring the rest of the group isn’t missing out? 

Expedition Yorkshire always tries to be as inclusive as possible. We always provide an option for people who wish to do a little bit less or do a little more but in a different way! Once again, a very small group means we can make sure everyone’s needs are properly taken into account. Please feel free to contact us before your tour date with any concerns you may have. There’s almost always a solution. 

Do you offer custom tours? 

Would you like to do something a bit different?  
Whatever your idea for a journey, we are happy to work with you to design your perfect day out. Give us a call and we can assist in turning a general idea into a fantastic plan. If you have no ideas but want something unique, we can also assist. 
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